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Dr. Glen E. Doyon

Dr. Glen E. Doyon

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Our Mission

Our mission at the Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics is to provide the highest quality treatment possible in a pleasant, caring and courteous environment.  We are committed to helping you save your natural teeth.  Your concerns are our concerns and your comfort and dental health are our top priority.  We function as a team with your primary dental health care provider and other specialists to provide you with the best possible comprehensive care.

Because of our commitment to excellence we are continuing students. We use the most current concepts, techniques and materials.  We are proactive about implementing new beneficial and effective technologies.  We use the surgical operating microscope and digital x-rays throughout each treatment procedure.

Practice Profile

Dr. Doyon, along with his team, Deena and Debbie, have over 90 years combined experience and service in the field of dentistry.   Because our office has an international reputation, all of the latest technological advancements are made available for our use.  We use surgical operating microscopes and digital radiography in all of our treatment procedures.  For those patients who may be anxious about treatment, we offer IV Sedation. Dr. Doyon is dedicated to the advancement of his field and participates in research projects, publishing articles in dental journals and teaching, both during in office seminars and at dental schools and local and national dental meetings.


Patient Reviews

I do not like going to the doctor and especially do not like going to the dentist so I was very apprehensive about getting a root canal. After having the experience that I had with Dr. Doyon I have to say that it was a breeze. He is super nice and he has a way of making you calm about the procedure. I have only had one root canal so I cannot compare him to any other doctor, but I would highly recommend him to anyone who is need of dental surgery. Thank to him and all of his staff!

Chad Francis

Dr. Doyon and his staff are exceptional! On Monday Sept. 30, 2013 I called my regular dentist asking for an appt. for a really bad tooth, upon hearing my symptoms he told me I would need a root canal and his office called Dr. Doyon's office and they got me in the very next day, yesterday and began the root canal. Dr. Doyon has previously done three root canals on me over the last three years and he makes it very comfortable. He even called me last at home to see how I was doing. He is the best! As well as his entire staff. He will always be my go to guy for any endodontic work if needed in my future. I will refer him to anyone who needs any root canals or other work. Love his compassion, sense of humor as well as his staffs same compassion and sense of humor!!

Cheryl Bohl

Thank you for fixing my tooth! Wow I never knew a root canal could be almost pleasant! LOL I felt so comfortable and I know the job was done right. So excited for my next one! and he sang to me...

Kimberly Judd-Pennie

.....I have found you not only an expertly skilled dental practitioner, but a highly intelligent, well-rounded person of immense compassion, ethics, and admirable scientific curiosity.  Your current patients are especially fortunate to have you as the guardian of their oral health, and I know future patients will feel themselves quite lucky to have found your practice.  I have found my experience with your Center for MicroSurgical Endodontics so technically advanced and patient-friendly that I will be happy to record positive feedback on your website.

Alexandra B

Superb!... Though it may seem odd to say.. I will admit that I have never had such a wonderful root canal! Beautiful work, minimal discomfort and a chair-side manner that is beyond reproach! Thank you Dr. Doyon for taking the time to alleviate much of the anxiety that is often associated with dental work! You are the master of your trade!

Karen O.

Dear Dr. Doyan...I am just home from the root canal you performed on me a few hours ago and am still amazed at what a pleasant experience it was. From the friendliness of your office staff to meeting you and having you calm my frayed nerves over the procedure and then having it be so painless and easy I almost fell asleep...I can't believe I was ever afraid. Mostly I want to thank you for taking me in on an emergency basis during your Christmas holiday after I called your cell phone directly today because I was in so much pain. Little did I know I would be done and in great relief just hours later! I am so very grateful to you!! Choosing the right doctor does make a difference and I am so glad Dr. Briggs referred me to you! Thank you again and have a wonderful rest of your holiday!! Diane Watson

Diane Watson

Dr. Doyon and his team are a perfect example of how the medical and dental field should work! He and Debbie were professional, precise, compassionate and above all, treated me as a person not just a patient. He takes great pride in his work and had me return after 6 mos for a followup at his expense. With this care and effort shown on my behalf I can highly recommend Dr. Doyon to any and all! Thankyou Dr. Doyon, Debbie and Deena. You are greatly appreciated!

S Ashby

Dear Dr Doyon, Debbie and Deena: I wanted to show you in some small way how very much I appreciate the fact that by some luck I was sent to your office. From the minute I walked in I felt so comfortable and comforted. With each visit you always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and genuine concern for the individual patient. Thank you for helping me through a rough patch in my life. you have all made it much easier for me, thank you so much.

Janet F

John and I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us.  We are so grateful to have found you and glad to know that you are here if the need arises for dental work.  With my teeth, that is a distinct possibility. In our quest to find doctors, a patient can only hope to find a doctor that is as competent, compassionate and as caring as we find you to be. You and your staff, Debbie and Deena, truly make a patient's visit enjoyable. Your office is beautiful too. John and I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors and we hope all of your landings are happy.... Thank you and all our best to you,

John and Nancy L.

Dr Doyon and his staff are the finest example of excellence in the dental field. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in capable hands, they answered all my questions and took care of any worries I may have had. Should I ever need their services again I know he and his staff are a phone call away. Thank you again!

Trish S.

10752 N. 89th Place #117
Scottsdale, AZ 85260